Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Nope, not the musician of rock and roll fame. We went to Osier for lunch with Candy and Russ. Russ and I had the meatloaf and was it ever good !Candy and Betty had the Turkey and dressing and really bragged up it’s quality.


Beautiful wood work in this 1800’s train station located up high in the Rocky Mountains.100_2751

It was a rainy day, up high at near 10 thousand feet, but, when we came down lower it wasn’t raining.


The fire truck on rails, nicknamed “sparky” is always trailing along behind the train. Sparky is sitting on the right. The operator / fireman, Max Pacheco, is inside eating lunch. He told me he had gotten a bit wet during a rain storm while climbing up to Osier behind the train. Max has been with the rail road for many years and has a love of steam trains that shows in his broad smile.

Here is a closer look at Max’s fire truck.100_2752

Doesn’t Max have one of the coolest jobs ever !


Happy Camper said...

Yes! The turkey and dressing in Osieris yummy!! the desserts are too!

mountainborn said...

Absolutely ! We drive up to Osier two or three times each Summer.

Happy Camper said...

How have the temps been lately? We are in our 10th day I think of over 100. Can't wait to get up there in August!!

mountainborn said...

It was 53* at @ 0645hrs. No smoke from the NM fires. Was pretty warm yesterday, it got up to 87*. Cool Nights and warm days.