Friday, July 1, 2011


Yeah, I know, some high profile activist types take exception to the term refugee. However I believe that if officials require that you abandon your home immediately, just ahead of a rapidly growing disaster of monster size, you are a refugee.

Both National forests in Northern New Mexico are officially closed because of fire danger. That means that folks who are fleeing fire and smoke are

rapidly filling up the campgrounds in Southern Colorado.

We have received calls today from other forest districts further South that are trying to find places for folks to go to.

I copied this from the Weather channels twitter post today:

The Las Conchas wildfire (100,000+ acres) is now the LARGEST wildfire in NM history, per Los Alamos Co., NM Fire Chief.

One of our campers that is from the fire evacuation area brought their camper van, so when we went to town to pick up a few groceries before the fourth of July holiday, we took their grocery list with us so that they wouldn’t have to break camp just to go to town.

The fourth is our nation’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY America !

And thank you to all that serve America, keeping it the greatest free nation on earth.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Very nice....well said, Larry!!! You can send some folks up north to us. We have some open sites in Highway Springs.