Sunday, January 30, 2011


Our Nissan 4x4 has mostly sat in it’s carport as we traveled about for a couple of years. Usually we jump start it, change the oil and take it to the lake for Jugfest. This year, however, a jumpstart and oil change just didn’t cover all of the bases, the engine had developed a high rpm miss. The engine’s miss was particularly noticeable when under a load. Since we use the li’ll pickup for boat pulling back and forth to the lake, we needed to clear that miss up. Yep, it was tune up time.


A closer look revealed a series of squirrel chew places on the high tension wires that run from the distributor cap to the spark plugs. A quick trip to the auto parts store for a cap and wires cleared that miss right on up.


While there under the hood, I checked the air filter and discovered that the squirrel had hidden a few acorns under there and had also chewed on the filter a bit.

Squirrels, don’t ya’ just love em ‘ !

This year we won’t have to worry about Squirrel  damage, as we plan to take the li’ll pickup on the road with us. We have really missed being able to drive the Jeep trails  out West, and getting twenty five MPG will be a big plus for us.

Did ya’ catch the wild date stamp on the photo’s ? I forgot to set the date on the camera when I replaced the battery’s.

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Happy Trails said...

Similar happenings to my Chevy Trailblazer! It's been left behind the past 3 years as we hit the road! This year I will be towing our enclosed trailer following Chuck to Lk Greeson the on to NM! Our mechanic found a set of bad rear brake shoes and a bubble in the rear tire! YIKES!