Saturday, January 1, 2011


At the stroke of midnight we all gave a mighty cheer and the date suddenly was 1-1-11 ! We’ll not see that happen again in our lifetimes !

We had all gathered at Betty’s sister’s home to play domino’s and ring in the New Year. After a large meal of Ham and all of the trimmings imaginable, everyone retired to the living room where we all caught up on what’s been going on. The air was filled with rapid fire chatter, children commenting on their Nintendo DS stuff and stories about loved ones that weren’t with us this year. Then it happened, the sharp sound of the large box of double twelve dominoes being dumped out on the kitchen table. All else ceased. It was “game on !” It was time for full contact Mexican train dominos.

I shot a few photos the next morning during breakfast, you know, the “morning after’ kind of pix. After all of the dust had settled. Here is a look.


Chocolate gravy a’ simmerin’ on the stove.100_2415

Home made jelly fer’ them cathead biscuits.100_2421

Golden brown catheads, straight from the oven. 100_2423

Chocolate gravy and “sawmill” gravy. He, he, he, now, that’s a’ livin’ large !100_2424

Coffee black and hot.


Wicks trimmed and filled with coal oil, they are fully functional as well as decorative.100_2417


Then there is the Mustang GT in the driveway. Let’s see, there’s all of this  very laid back antique stuff in the house, then, outside in the driveway, a muscle car, with manual transmission, and a personalized license plate !


Happy Trails said...

Happy New Year to you all all your loved ones! Give Betty a big hug and kiss from us! We love you!

Jim and Bobbie said...

Appropriate subject for the day...keep them coming. We had prime rib with the Deacons and Mossmans. We are all wishing you and Bett the greatest year to come.