Monday, January 31, 2011


As with most of the things we do, thinking and rethinking is a major part of the process. Replacing our fishing boat was no different. The few dollars that we have to deal with, make it imperative that we get the maximum service and longevity for each dollar spent. As we studied the various features and weighed them against the way that we fish, we found that some were of no use to us and some just absolutely hit the nail right on the head. The boat that we picked seemed to be the one that fit our style of fishing the best. Here are a few pix:


How many times over the years we have discovered a dragging, sagging or broken safety chain, I don’t know, but it must be many, many times. It has happened often enough that we habitually leave the drivers side window down as we start off to listen for such problems.

The new boat has spring loaded safety cables can’t drag, sag or even rattle.


When fishing with live bait, there can come a time when keeping baitfish and caught fish separate, comes up. This boat has two separate live well systems, each with their own 500 GPH pump and drain. In the photo above, the two water intakes are covered with a stainless strainer.  The bilge pump is a third 500 GPH system.


The raised white letter sidewalls on the tires weren’t an option that we would have had to pay extra for, and it would have cost extra to replace them.



They will send a lettering kit along with the trailer license plate, for the registration numbers that match the lettering in the photo.


We chose this dealership, in Hot Springs, for the same reason we did at our last boat purchase, their location in proximity to the lakes that we fish. Thinking they will be nearby should something come up.


JOJO said...

Enjoy the new boat and the fishing. I bet Betty can make a mean dinner with those fish. I wish I could be there for that meal.
Have fun.

mountainborn said...

We wish you could too!