Sunday, January 9, 2011


When I heard the weather channel meteorologist say it, I wasn’t sure I had heard it right. I had came in to the 5er to get a cup of coffee and he said “ a snow storm of epic porportions ! I thought, “geeze ! Did I just hear that ?” Turning the volume up, I listened until I heard it again.

It was time to stop my current project and get ready for some serious Winter weather.


We had already picked up a ton of hard wood pellets for the pellet stove. Extra propane was delivered and the 100 pound propane tank hooked up to the trailer.

Then I changed the oil in the Yamaha generator and test ran it, getting extra cans of gas for it, you know,  just incase we lost power. We are about as ready as we can get, I think  .  .  .  .  .

The forecast seems to be a bit variable though the weather experts can all agree that it is going to be a heavy snow. They just don’t know how far South it will drive when it comes through. Or, it seems, just how much ice will be associated with the front.

The power company trucks and their linemen and crews are staged nearby, the State Highway crews are at their yards getting the salting and plowing equipment ready, Police officers are staged and ready. So, now,    .   .   .   .

The wait begins  .  .  .  .

The next morning:

Sunday morning, slept in, strong winds  buffeting the 5er all night. Woke up expecting snow or ice. But, Nothing ! Through breakfast and coffee the weather channel is showing on their radar that we are getting some winter mix.

The wait continues   .   .   .   .

Lunch time:

Heavy snow falling, quickly covering everything. As I sit in the office slide out I note that it is a dry powder that billows with occasional gusts of wind.

Time for a second pot of coffee. I am through paying bills and will start getting the income tax stuff ready.


This photo taken just after lunch is of a red squirrel is raiding the bird feeder in the snow. Click on the photo for a closer look. More snow in the forecast  .  .  .  .  .  .


Kathy and Robert said...

Can you believe it? Snow, snow and more snow! Y'all be safe and keep warm!
Blessings, K

Jim and Bobbie said...

Keep her dry Buddy Boy.