Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today was the day that we went to Hot Springs and picked up our Boat. You know that we just had to get it in the water ASAP !

A quick stop to top off the fuel tank:


And then, after getting it tanked up, it was on to Kirby landing to dump it in the water for the first time. Lake Greeson is quite low and we put the first hour of twenty hours of break in time on the boat and engine.

The lake was quite smooth and the air had a bit of a chill to it until we slowed down and ran with the wind at the same speed then it was really nice .

As we continually changed speed to keep the engine from developing a spot in the throttle that it wants to settle in at, the hour went by all too fast and it was time to head for the house.

The boat surprised me in how quiet the four cycle engine is, and how smooth it is at  speed. Though not seriously fast, it is quick and will serve us well for many years. We wanted a boat that was wide enough to be stable, especially while landing large catfish, and it has proved to be just that.


Part of the deal with the boat purchase was that we got a Bass Pro VIP card that gives us a 20% discount for two years. So, we’ll put a few new things in the boat in the way of safety and convenience items.

Oh, yeah, we are thinking about jug fishin’ at Greeson !


JOJO said...

Will you be towing this too?

mountainborn said...

No,that would be quiet long.