Sunday, October 25, 2009


You don't have to be around me for very long to figure out that those that have served our Country hold a special place in my heart.
While researching geocaches in the area where we are working the sugar beet harvest, I noted a travel bug that was circulating in caches of the area. It was a special travel bug. A ULTIMATE SACRIFICE travel bug. These special travel bugs recognise those that have given their lives while in the service of their fellow man. This one is in memory of Flight Lt. Paul Martin Pardoel of 47 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
We soon got a rain day off from piling beets and Betty and I went to Fargo to the Texas Roadhouse for a late lunch. After lunch and a ice cream cone, we needed to walk a bit and I remembered that I had sent the coordinates of several likely caches for the Ultimate Sacrifice travel bug to be in, to our Garmin Colorado GPSr.
"Off the wall" is the name of the geocache and it is located North of Moorhead Minnesota. After a brief search with our Garmin Colorado GPSr, we found the cache. Paydirt ! The very first cache we went to just happened to have the Ultimate Sacrifice travel bug inside of it !
We have logged it and will carry it to a cache we have in mind, back home in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains. A little over eleven hundred miles to the South.

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