Friday, October 30, 2009


The sugar beet harvest is winding down, and as the end draws near, we began to hear of a inside, out of the weather job, eight hundred miles to the South, in Coffeeville Kansas. After a bit of internet research and a phone call or two, we have it hooked up. Eight hundred miles South means milder weather, which sounds pretty good about now, since we have worked some 19* nights on the beet pile.
All of the paperwork is done, the interviews completed, and we are now officially Amazon dot com associates !
All of the employment forms arrived minutes after our first contact with the prospective employer and we quickly filled them out and sent them back. The end of the work day was at hand so the first thing the next morning, upon checking our email, we had the job.
All that remains is a 800 mile drive, after we finish up the beet pile here, and the orientation at the new site.
We will be seasonal workers at's large shipping facility in Coffeeville Kansas.
Camping fees will be paid at this location also, and we will be staying at the Elk City State Park, a U.S. Corps of Engineers Lakeside campground. After talking with the host there we learned that the new shower house is completed, but the laundry is still under construction.
We will be working four ten hour days, which will give us more time to explore the old historic areas there. The job will be from November the 8th. to December the 23rd. Which means we will have to day trip it home for Thanksgiving, and the back seat will be full of CHRISTmas presents for the trip home at the end of the assignment.
We are excited about this new assignment and are looking forward to working inside as Winter draws nearer.
A nearby Geocache that we will be sure to look up is DALTON'S REST STOP. Here is a snip from the geocache log page:
I thought this rest stop needed a cache. I am sure there is a reason there hasn't been one placed here so far but I don't know of one. You are looking for a cammoed pill bottle that is located approximately half way between the graves of Frank Dalton and his Brothers' Gang grave including Bob and Grat Dalton and Bill Powers.

If you have heard of the Dalton Gang and know the history of them then you know you are looking in a very historic place in the real American Wild West. Enjoy finding this cache as much as I did placing it.

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