Sunday, October 11, 2009


EMAIL status update sent this date:
After a fabulous Summer Hosting at Trujillo meadows, we made a hurried trip back to Arkansas, changed out our clothing to be ready for the far Northern climate of North Dakota. Put new tires on the Jeep, ect.. We had seven days at home and it was rush, rush all the way to get it done. This was followed by eleven hundred miles of driving, straight North to our reporting location at Hillsboro ND, with a short detour to Springfield MO , to Bass Pro Shop to gear up a bit for the North Dakota weather. We did dally somewhat, driving a sixty mile stretch of old route 66, and finding a few geocaches along that route.
Photos and narative at our blog located at:
The day that we finished our orientation and signed stuff for our personnel packages, we were to be off until the harvest start. But we had never seen a beet piling station before. He, he, so we drove to our assigned site to take a look. We stopped in at the scale house, and within minutes we were in safety vests, hard hats and safety glasses ! A brief tour of the facillities quickly turned into a few days of training at the pre-pile. We had started learning job skills with lots of hands on experience !
After a few days off, the harvest started and quickly snowballed into a full blown eighteen hundred trucks a day, beet piling event. We are well into the second week now and have had a shut down from freezing temperatures. Betty and I caught up on our sleep and went shopping for grocerys and a couple of clothing items to make those 12 hour nights a bit more comfortable.
It is midnight here and we are still on our night shift sleep / wake cycle. As I write this Betty is catching up on our laundry and I am getting ready to pay bills.
Hope all is well with you and maybe it won't be long til' we are camping again.
harm & bett

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