Saturday, October 17, 2009


FREE ! Now that's a rare thing,but that's what the notice said. It came in the mail. The origonal notice is the green one at the bottom:

The parking and pickup point was at the Hillsboro Guard armory;

We arrived at the entrance to the civic center, were escorted through the clipboard registration while walking through the line. It was a well thought out process. It was a training exercise for local emergency professionals. It also gave a good look into the quality of planning that had been done on this exercise. The planning must have been extensive because things went so smooth, all of the way through to the exit where the busses were waiting to take us back to the armory.

However, the organizers had a suprise in store for us. Just before exiting the civic center to board the bus, we were given a Subway sandwich, a bottle of Dasani water and a bag of Lays Classic potato chips !
So, the final tally for the free event was:
2 Subway sandwiches
2 Dasani waters
2 Lays chips
2 flu shots
The flu shots have cost us around $30.each, in the past, so we think that the total of free stuff for the training exercise came to around $80.00 .
That's a pretty good incentive to participate in future training exercises.
Hillsboro, ND at the sugar beet harvest.

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