Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The temperature had been dropping all night long. We were expecting to have the beet piling operation shut down at any time due to frost conditions. At about two thirty in the morning a couple of us were asked to go move our vehicles back a little ways so that the porta potty could be moved back aways also. The beet piling machine is constantly moving forward as the pile grows, and the beet trucks needed more room to make the turn around, to exit the piler.
Our Jeep was one of the vehicles that needed to be moved back further. The other vehicle belonged to a female member of the ground crew.
The porta potty has fork lift slots in the bottom of it to facilitate it's moving as needed. The bobcat has interchangeable forks and a bucket to do various chores around the work site. We are all aware of the sound of the bobcat as we are constantly around it. The bobcat is constantly zipping around the site helping in many capacaties and it is quick and agile. We all expect it to zip in, do a chore, and quickly move on to the next chore.
As I was walking back to the piler from moving the Jeep, I noted that Kay, the ground crew member I mentioned earlier, had already moved her vehicle, and had decided to take a break at the porta potty. She looked around for the bobcat and since it wasn't in sight, she knew she had time to take care of business. She entered the porta potty.
Yeh, you can see it coming, can't ya' ! He, he, you already know what's gona' happen !
As I continue on my way back to the piler, I must pass near the porta Potty, and when I am about thirty feet away, the bobcat suddenly zips up and comes to a stop behind the porta Potty !
The bobcat operator has no idea that Kay is inside there, but he hasn't came to move it, just yet, he is coming to use it himself. But he parked at the back and Kay thinks that the bobcat is going to lift it up and leave out with her inside !
Now the potty is serviced on a regular basis, but, none the less, at two thirty in the morning it is a dark, cold, smelly place. Kay didn't want to be trapped inside with all of that evil effluent sloshing around as it was being moved.
Walking nearby, the first thing I saw was the potty door come slamming open and a hard hat and safety glasses come flying out, followed closely by Kay who had a look of absolute terror on her face. Struggling with her several layers of clothing, Kay is hopping clear of the Potty, that she thinks is going to take off on her.
And the worst thing possible is right in front of her. A grinning, laughing and trying to appologise to her, camo clad redneck from Arkansas.
Luckily Kay has a good sence of humor, along with a pleasant smile, and began to also laugh at the ludicrus situation.
The bobcat operator was just getting out of the machine and never saw or knew a thing !
Later as we laughed about the porta potty incident, I asked if I could write about it in our blog. Kay agreed, but, with the request that I go easy on her in the story. Actually there was no need to go easy, for Kay handled a very awkward situation as well as could be expected.
Kay's Husband drives a Beet hauling semi tractor trailer and his daughter is also a member of our ground crew.
It was a great break from the dark and cold, one night on the beet pile !


Pete said...

Well, if that don't just BEET all . . .

Spyda said...

Now that's a funny story for the grand kids

MamaDuck! said...

that is really funny, and it was a funny story :)