Thursday, October 4, 2012


A Blue Norther blew in while we were piling beets last night, the one that the weather channel was forecasting. Now, that was quite an experience ! The official weather reporting station for Hillsboro reported over 7 inches of snow from the event.

This photo taken from the control cab. Note that the 32’ high and 200 plus feet wide beet pile can’t be seen for the “sideways” snow that is falling.


Keeping the piler going in that high of a volume of snow fall was tough. Belts would slip and drive motors would stall out. Got the last of the trucks dumped and headed home @ 0630 or so. Early to bed, and slept in ! Having fun at the sugar beet harvest !


Pete said...

Oscar wants to know where Betty was standing during the arrival of the "Blue Norther"? And has she thawed out yet!!!?

mountainborn said...

Hey Oscar and Pete ! Hope you guys are dry and warm. We have a couple of days off because it is so wet after the melt off. We miss seing you guys ! Hope all is well with you and yours. Bett was wearing all of the hitech clothing she could get on.

Happy Trails said...

Your idea of "Fun" isn't near the same as mine! hahaha! It's nice and cool here in Mimbres NM too but thankfully no snow!