Thursday, October 11, 2012


Those of us that drive high profile vehicles such as Travel Trailers or Semi tractor trailers, and especially our double trailer set up, always factor in the wind. A quick look at this online source could change your driving strategy for the day.

6 second wind map video

The wind can boost or destroy your fuel mileage, in addition to making it a long tiring day behind the wheel.

Here is a link to a wind map of the USA, that my friend Chris Daniel posted on Twitter.

We liked the link so well that we saved it to our favorites so we can use it in trip planning. Let’s face it, there are days when we would be better off to stay parked and go geocaching, instead of the unnecessary expense of driving against the wind.

A head wind can cost us an extra $25. in diesel fuel, meaning that we can save money by finding a good restaurant and some cool geocaches !

As you move your pointer over the map slowly, the wind speed appears. A pretty cool feature ! The map even shows the different wind speeds as an opposing front causes direction changes.

We hope this will help our nomadic friends as it does us.

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