Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The sugar beet harvest is the world’s largest harvest, and, therein lies the problem. There aren’t enough folks in North Dakota to get the harvest done ! People come from everywhere to help with the harvest. For example, I helped train two workers from Somalia ! That help is appreciated, here is a look. Click for larger view.


This years goodies included cookies baked by a local church’s youth group. The thank you note includes a prayer for a safe harvest.

This years harvest may well be one of the best on record. The sugar content is very high in the beets.


Happy Trails said...

Glad you and Betty are doing well. Wonder why all these American folks on unemployment are working with you?? If they can come from another country why can't they come from Chicago? hmmmmm! Will you be heading this way anytime soon?

mountainborn said...

Hi Chuck and Geri ! We leave here for in Campbellsville Ky , then to Arkansas with the Kin folks for the Hollidays. Will head West next May, to the campground.