Friday, September 28, 2012


Being currently located in the home of the world’s largest harvest you might think that this blog entry might be about farm silo’s.100_3375

But it isn’t, many of us lived and served during the cold war era. You will remember this type of silo, though, like us, you may have never been near one. Today Betty and I went for a look. Click on pix for larger view.


Located near Cooperstown North Dakota.


For size perspective, here is Betty standing atop of the hardened facility’s blast door.

Here is a look at the top of that door.


Explanatory overview photo below.


Personnel entered the silo facility through this hatch.


This is the N-33  site, the Oscar Zero site is open to the public for tours, but not open on this day.


Now a historical site, but once a very deadly place.


I remember being on the Charleston South Carolina naval base when it was locked down when President Kennedy was assassinated . We were all on edge, but not , I expect, as on edge as these silo crews !

The pre pile and much of the training is completed. We are to soon start the regular harvest season.

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