Monday, August 15, 2011


Silver Mountain Disposal picked up our bear damaged dumpsters and traded them for some refurbished dumpsters in their place. Thanks Silver Mountain !


Our dumpsters have been turned over and damaged by bears so often that the Department of Wildlife and the USFS have put a game camera on one of our dumpsters.

The idea is to see if it is the same bear all of the time or a different bear each time.

This morning at 0515hrs, we heard the upper level dumpster as it crashed over.

The bear didn’t get into the dumpster but was able to reach through a crack between the lids and pull out a small amount of trash. Here is the way it looked just after daylight.


The game camera is mounted on a tee post with a sign on it, in the background.Here is a close up of the game camera.


Click the photo for a larger look.

The dumpster’s are heavy enough that we use a heavy rope and the 4x4 pickup truck to turn them back upright. Not everything that we purchase over the years has been as serviceable as this simple hank of rope. We have been using it for thirteen years ! It was the bow line on our “Harm’s Weigh” boat for twelve years. Here is a look.


Sun bleached, yet still serviceable !

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