Saturday, August 27, 2011


Located in the Rio Grande National forest Along the Continental divide.


A Gold Mining town !


The stunner campground is in our district, but, is an un attended campground.

Free camping in a very cool, historical place.

Lots and lots of old gold mines located here. Lots of old cabins and shacks still stand today.

Thirty plus miles of rough dirt road, just  to get in there. Oh, yeah, but it’s worth the trip !

Be sure to bring your camera !


Happy Trails said...

would have loved to have seen some of the old cabins and mine shacks! I bet you and Betty love exploring that area!

Sharon Scofield said...

Now that's a place that I would love to camp and explore!!!
Next summer we have decided to tour around Northern New Mexico and maybe we can come across something like that!
Pretty awesome!!!