Wednesday, August 31, 2011


USFS foresters were surveying the giant old ponderosa pines here in the campground today.

One of their procedures is to take a tiny core sample and count the rings to age the tree.

There is a really cool giant ponderosa that is on our campsite.


This quiet, gentle giant, sometimes whispers us to sleep at night. It provides shade for web surfers at the aluminum tables, shelter for the firewood pile and keeps hail stones off of our little 4x4.100_2918 

The deep shade of this ancient tree has listened many a campfire tale. We had guessed it to be around 100 years old because it was beginning to get that golden color to it’s bark. We missed it a bit.

Here is the core sample site that will fill with sap and protect the tree.


Here is a look at the core’s length.


Here is a look at the texture of the cores rings.


Click on photos for a larger look.

So, how old was the friendly giant that lives in our yard  ?

Ninety two years old.

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