Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Breakfast around the campfire with the critters.


A light rain fell all night long. It was great sleeping !

A crackling campfire and a hot cup of coffee, shared with the critters. This morning the clouds are hanging low as we have breakfast around the campfire with the critters. Here is a video look.

Stellar Jays, Chipmunks, Hummingbirds and Golden ground Squirrels


Campfire smoke nearly hides some of the critters.

Campfire, coffee, camera and critters, a great start to another day in the Rocky Mountains.

Here is a much shorter video that will load quicker.

Feet up, coffee and camera in hand

Early in the morning we make our rounds, then it’s coffee, campfire and critter time !


Happy Camper said...

Speaking of critters...has the bear camera caught a pic of a bear? :)

mountainborn said...

You know, ours didn't, but Jum and Bobbie's camera up at tucker ponds campground did. Here is a link to some great dumpster divin' bear pix:

mountainborn said...

oopz, you will have to paste the link in your browser's url line.

Pete said...

Oscar saw the video of the critters eating on the stumps ... his tail started wagging, his front paws were patting rapidly at the floor, and he had a big grin on his face.

I think that was his signal for "Let's get up there, Pete!"

Happy Camper said...

Our Grace was the same way...those little chipmunks give her a run for the money and she loves it! LOL!! See yall on Sunday!