Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It is pretty handy, when you are camped out in your favorite lakeside boondocking site, to have a place to dig fishing worms. Well, actually we don’t dig them, we call them up with a chainsaw ! Yeah, that’s a over simplification. What actually happens is that we set the running chainsaw on the ground and the vibrating makes the worms come to the surface.


This year will be different though. Feral hogs have rooted up the worm bed and eaten the worms. Here is a look.


Don’t ya’ just hate it when an invasive species destroys what mother nature has provided.  .  .  .  .  . The long time campers there at Big Fir would save a few scraps from vegetables that they prepared for a meal and mix it in with the leaf mulch that covered the worm bed. It was their way to keep the worm population robust and fit in well with the idea of giving something back to Mother Earth.

There is four and a half miles of gravel road  to get out to our campsite. The good news is that the road has been flagged and staked, for gravel to be spread over much of it.

The forestry commission has done controlled burns nearby which will help with insects this Summer.


The burn seems complete and a soaking rain is forecast for tomorrow, so the smoke and burnt smell will be mostly gone after that.

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