Wednesday, March 20, 2013


By adding two brass fittings to an old used water pump that we repaired and carry as a spare, we are making a transfer pump. Here is a look at the “stuff” we will need.


The pump is at the top center, with the brass fittings to the left and right. At the bottom is a short hose that many of us use to hook up a water filter to our trailer supply. The brass adapter fittings make it possible to hook a water hose to the pump’s 1/2 inch NPT input and output’s. These came from Ace Hardware. Here is a look at them, both in and out of the package.


Click any photo for larger view.


When the brass fittings are on the pump, all it will need is a couple of hoses that we all seem to carry, and a power supply for the pump. Here is a look at the jumper pack power supply.


The two wires are hooked to the battery clips and is turned on and off by the switch on the front. All of this will hook to a water supply in order to transfer water to a Rv. In this case a water barrel. Here is a look.


This tank does not travel with us, but is used during extended boondocking at local lakes. To put the pump in service as a emergency replacement part, we will just remove the two brass fittings.

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