Monday, July 12, 2010



As some have began to suspect, we are on the verge of going full time. We have made so many changes  in the way that we travel/camp that it is positively enough to make our heads spin around !

The vast number of things that must be attended to before we can truly be full timers, is nearly overpowering. We both have extremely strong ties to the Ouachita Mountains and our Mountaineer culture.

Some of our necessary changes are quite painful for us and require much thought and languishing over even the tinniest of things.

All during this process we are keeping up our work/travel schedule.

Then there are new things that pop up in our lives , such as our campground up high in the Rocky Mountains being rebuilt.

And so on and so forth.

As our blog approaches six hundred ninety two thousand visits, we are going to have to just, as our home folks say, “suck it up” and take care of business.

Here is a look at our campsite before the updates:


Here is a look at the nearly finished project: ( Note that I quote the year wrong in the video )


drpsycho1 said...

Congratulations Larry And Betty On Your Decision To Go Fulltime. I've Been Fulltime, Now For Three Months, And, I Love It. My House Is On The Market To Sell, And I'm Sitting In The Driveway In My New Malibu Fifth Wheel And Hemi Head Dodge Pickup Truck. The House Has Been Emptied Of All Contents And Nothing Left To Do But Find A Buyer. The Market Is Not So Good, But I'm Located In A Very Good Area. So, Hopefully Soon. Again, Congratulations. Ed

Happy Trails said...

Good Luck on going full time. It's a hard decision. So many things that we are attached to must fall by the wayside. Becoming a fulltime gypsy is a big decision. One that Chuck and I haven't made yet!