Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Things began to quiet’n down somewhat after Chuck & Geri headed out for T or C, and, when we began to gather around the campfire that evening , as is our custom, we made a discovery.100_1991

A dandy orphan chair had been abandoned near the campfire.


We built up the campfire and began to discuss the possibilities as the sunset behind the continental divide.

Finally, we figured it out. We had a refugee on our hands, that was seeking asylum in the cool mountains !

That chair just couldn’t stand the thought of going down into that hot desert country.

He, he, Chuck, looks like your chair’s next stop will be up near the Canadian Border at the Sugar Beet Harvest !

Betty likes the way it sits.


Maybe it won’t be worn out before we see you at JugFest2011 !

Notice that it is by the old campfire ring in the first photo and now is by the new campfire ring after we moved back on our site.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Cute, cute post...love it!

Happy Trails said...

We will be back in 10-14 days to rescue our chair! LOL! Betty, you are welcome to have the chair! Chuck says it is your chair and you must not allow Larry to sit in it! :-)

Happy Trails said...

The red chair also snuck aboard SPF60. It happened at Lake Greeson!!
Complaints had been heard about the New Mexico summer weather from both chairs....but we ignored them....
Our lose is your gain!!!!!
See ya'll soon!