Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Imagine our surprise,when  on the morning we were to move off of our campsite so that it could be renovated at the start of the campground’s re building project,  when we pulled the tire covers off, to discover a flat ! Airing it up seemed to be the quickest solution to get us moved on time. 100_1999 The air compressor plugged into the basement inverter quickly got us on the move to our temporary site.

100_1998  At the temporary site we put the spare on the trailer and aired up the tire to look for the cause of our flat.100_1997At 65 psi with a little soapy water spray, we soon found this tiny little finishing nail.

Though we carry a tire plugging kit,

100_2002 we didn’t like the idea of plugging a 8 ply tire with less than fifteen hundred miles on it.

The next trip into Chama, we dropped it off at the Rocky Mountain Mini Mart to get the flat patched.

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Pete said...

The "basement" - ooooooooh! aaaaaaaah!