Saturday, February 7, 2015


At first light, well before the first rays of sunshine splash across the Beach at the back of the Oliver travel trailer. The fishermen and their boats come flying down the intercostal waterway. It is Saturday morning and they are in a hurry, although it is somewhat foggy, to get to that perfect spot where the red fish are “tailing”, and cast their lines. I slip out of bed hoping to give Betty a few more minutes snuggled down deep in the warmth of the comforter, in the morning chill. After shaving, I return for a fresh tee shirt when I see that the wylie Poco has slipped  quietly into my warm spot ! Here is a look.


The Intercostal Waterway is a busy place here at Bird Island Basin, down on the Padre Island National Seashore, just South of Corpus Christi Texas. There are wind surfers, fishermen, tug boats with barges, campers and lots of visiting with neighbors. The Canadian Neighbors on one side always have something going on, like his drift fishing rig. And the neighbor on the other side is always surf fishing and reeling in one large fish or another.


As the sunshine burns off the thin layer of fog, I think, it is time for another cup of coffee and some serious lawn chair piloting time !



Geri Moore said...

Nice to see you and Betty enjoying the good life!

mountainborn said...

Thanks Geri ! It would have been better if we could have found a place near you guys !