Monday, February 16, 2015


As Betty and I ran ahead of the ice storm to hole up in our docking port, I thought about how such a serious weather event was handled in different parts of the United States. This week the New England States have been inundated with massive record setting snow fall and ice. As we watch the evening news we are amazed at the sheer mind numbing logistics of keeping travel routes open up there so people can survive.


Here in the South when we get a quarter of an inch, of freezing precipitation, we are really up against it ! The logistical support and the finances for it just are not there. Things just pretty much tend to shut down. Here in S/W Arkansas we only got 1/4 of an inch of ice. Here is a look at Hohenwald Tennessee, where the Oliver Travel Trailer Plant is.


This photo from Robert Partee’s back yard show’s that they got much more than we did here where Betty and I are holed up.

That has got to just absolutely overload local government resources and cause all kinds of School, Church and plant closings.  I heard that the Oliver plant may well be down for a few days because rural workers can’t get through on the roads. The County road department is likely struggling with the task of snow removal from the roads.

I guess that what with about half of our Nation under a Winter storm advisory, we didn’t fare too badly here, with only a quarter of a inch of ice.


Jerry C said...

You hit the nail on the head with you perspective on Ice/snow in the South. Though our Northern friends make fun of us when we get a flurry or two, they are much more prepared and conditioned for the same, than we are.

Marsha said...

We visited the Oliver plant on the 18th. There was quite a bit of ice in the parking lot of the plant and showroom. We drove down from Michigan, so it was no big deal for us, but I can understand how it would be difficult to deal with snow/ice if it only happens occasionally.