Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hours behind the wheel put us into the docking port just ahead of Winter Storm Titan, soon we were iced in.


There wasn’t much snow but instead it was mostly sleet and freezing rain all wrapped up in a thunder storm !

Poco was hidden under the comforter on the bed between Betty and I. Around six AM he had to go outside and we discovered that the ice had the door sealed shut !

Non the less it is good to be back in these Ouachita Mountains !


Geri Moore-Hajek said...

BBBRrrrrrr to ice and snow! I'll take the 70's and abundant sunshine we have been having here in Florida, except for all the rain we had today! They need a couple of more volunteers down here at Myakka River State Park, near Sarasota! Interested?

mountainborn said...

Hi Geri ! We are on our way to the factory to pick up a duramax class c to pull a new 2014 Legacy II and begin a tour.