Saturday, March 22, 2014


After our weekend trip back to Arkansas to take care of a couple of chores, we are staying at a cool Horse/trail riding campground, in one of their cabins. It is right on the banks of the Buffalo River and it is the “Many Cedars Campground”. The stables are in a line behind the row of cabins.


There is no Cell service here, no Internet and no Television, not even a land line Telephone, .   .   .peaceful. Yes, peaceful.


Sitting on the front porch this morning I could hear a Turkey gobbling nearby. It was fun to sip coffee while calling to him.

There is a back porch on the cabin that looks like this. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try Coffee and Turkey talk there.


The light is from the Kitchen window, just before dawn. Yeh, I think I’ll try the back porch in the morning before breakfast, It’s closer to the Kitchen table, for when Betty hollers “it’s on the table” !


Here we are at the Oliver Plant.

We took the class C motorhome, a Pony Express,  that we will be pulling the 2014 Legacy II with to get some service work done today.

It won’t be long before we hit the road on the show tour.


Pete said...

One of the nicest things about Many Cedars campground is the great neighbor that comes with it. Have you walked through the old cemetery that's there? Check it out! You will find the final resting place of James Pollock, born August 2, 1799 and many of his kinfolk.

mountainborn said...

Not yet, thanks for the heads up buddy !