Thursday, November 8, 2012


We were a bit early and were ahead of the lunch rush crowd at Lambert’s home of the throwed’ rolls. As is usual, the okra, hot rolls and sorghum syrup came around first. It sure would be easy to make the whole meal of them ! Here is a look.


How about the size of that iced tea mug !


The menu, oopz, I cut it short !


Plenty of butter for them fine rolls !


My meal.


Betty’s meal.


Betty collects smashed pennies, here she scores a Lambert’s smash.

All the time we are eating, servers come around with fried taters, mac and cheese and more of that wonderful okra !

Yes, we were driving slow across the two bridges crossing the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers as we crossed over into Kentucky !


Happy Trails said...

You two are having entirely too much fun! I can't think of anybody else who deserves it more!

Oscar said...

Looks like Betty's main course was a large scoop of ice cream over a huge oatmeal cookie . . . yum!

mountainborn said...

Hey there Oscar ! It was actualy a round steak with mashed potatoes and gravy ! She wrapped up a few pieces of the steak up in a napkin and carried it out to Poco as a treat.

Bobbie and Jim said...

We've visited the on in Foley, AL and basically take our "order" home and just eat all the sides.