Friday, November 2, 2012


On The Road Again ! It was hard to leave our friends as they struggled to finish the sugar beet harvest. So, we stayed there helping, till’ the last possible minute. Now we are OTRA, rushing to meet  our start date at Amazon’s SDF-1 in Campbellsville Kentucky.


This was taken 50 miles down the road during our routine tire, bearing & lugnut check.

A couple of days later Betty threw me & Poco  out of the trailer so she could work on stuff uninterupted, as we waited for Lambert’s in Sikeston Missouri to open for lunch.



I took a few photos as I looked around.


Betty has the slides out as she vacuums,  she says she is working on beet mud, but, I havn’t been able to see it !

OOpz ! It’s time for lunch, then more OTRA !


Dave and Susie said...

Stay safe you two.

mountainborn said...

Thanks you guys ! We just got into Campbellsville Ky and are doing laundry and stuff. Our arrival date is tomorrow at Indian Ridge campground. So, tomorrow we will have breakfast, round up our plunder and go see Rocky and Connie !
You guys have a good one !