Monday, June 11, 2012


It looks good from the front. but        .  .  .   . . . .


The errant microburst has downed timber all over the campground.


A contractor has cut up the timber into  camper manageable lengths for firewood.


And the slash has been stacked out of the way.

Columbine campground, 9200 feet up in the front range of the rocky mountains.

It will be home sweet home as we are off of the grid for a little over one hundred days !

This is our fourth Spring/Summer of getting paid to camp in the Rocky Mountains.


Glenda Laine said...

Even with downed trees, it STILL looks fantastic. We're enjoying working/camping in Branson. . .but wishing for Colorado's low humidity. Jeff is in 'hog heaven' tho being the head chef in the campground cafe, & we're close to my parents. Still. . .love the Rockies a lot!!

JerryC said...

Hope you had no damage to your rig. Might be looking up your campground in a few weeks.

Happy Trails said...
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Happy Trails said...

It looks beautiful and cool!

mountainborn said...

Most mornings about 0530hr it is in the mid 40's and by 0930 it is around the high 60's, by noon it is usually in the mid 70's.