Thursday, June 21, 2012


Jeepin’ the Rocky mountains is a continuous chain of marvelous sights. Our time off is spent exploring and muttin’ aroun’ in the Jeep. Here is a peek.


This road dropped off down into Idaho Springs. It was a first gear drive, all the way down.


The Bald Mountain Trading Post was closed as we passed through on our way to the parachute steep drop down into Idaho Springs.


This remote, ancient Rocky Mountain mining town had way more to see than we had time for. We will be back to see more of Nevadaville Colorado.


Happy Trails said...

Are you and Betty okay? We have been concerned about your location and all the Colorado Wildfires! Please post something so we know you are ok!!! Geri & Chuck

mountainborn said...

Hi you guys ! The fires are well away from us at this time. Pete and Oscar are here and we have not been taking care of business on the blog. Way too much sittin' roun' jawbonin' and pickin' an' grinnin' !