Sunday, March 18, 2012


We’ve never had a Blue Ox tow bar before. However we plan to tow our Jeep Wrangler flat, with all wheels on the ground. So, we needed a tow bar that is rated to pull the fairly heavy Jeep. The Blue Ox Alpha series is rated at 6500 pounds. Today I hooked it up for the first time. Here is a look.


We are impressed with the fit, finish and robustness of the Blue Ox tow bar. Here is a look at the connection to the Jeep’s base plate.

Our first time to hook it up went very smooth and quick, it was a simple, straight forward process.

The jeep’s tail light’s are  being used and a series of diode’s prevent feedback into the jeep’s electrical system.  A  simple, standard trailer plug makes the connection and gets the job done.


Though we haven’t had a chance to get it out on the highway yet, we think that it will do just fine.

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