Sunday, March 11, 2012


Our Nissan 4x4 was a good pickup for us, we had it for over 12 years. It just wasn’t a Jeep and when we took the Nissan pickup  out on the road with us, it got twenty plus miles per gallon. Soon we discovered that the off road stuff that we like to do was a bit much for it. It was time for us to get back in the Jeepin’ business !

Here is a look.


As usual, we put step bars on it for convenience, and added the mill spec ruck sack cover for a spare tire cover.

On the front we added a Blue Ox base plate for the tow bar. Here is the photo.


Side view.


Even before we started towing it, we got our first rock damage to the windshield at 123 miles ! Luckily the our Arkansas Farm Bureau waived the deductible and the Glass Shop, Custom Stripes and Tint, made the repair at no cost to us ! Now that’s sweet !


Happy Trails said...

Looks like you got fun in store for the summer. Where you working??

mountainborn said...

Hi C%G ! We have a new campground that is located 40 miles N/W of Denver in the Arapaho National forest. The Columbine campground host site has no electricity, but has sewer and water. Our 500 watts of solar will come in handy this Summer !

B. Schell said...

Those rocks are supposed to be scraping the skids plates, not the windshield. Nice Jeep, have fun in Colorado.

mountainborn said...

Thanks Brian ! Any chance we might see you again this year ?

B. Schell said...

I'll stop by and stay a few days if I'm in the area. I visited Blackhawk a few years ago.