Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was a work day at the Meadows. We are getting ready to bring the water system back on line after being shut down and drained for the Winter.

The pressure regulator vault had a valve that needed to be replaced. The vault must be mostly under ground to keep it from freezing. A trip into Chama for a new valve was in order.

Tomorrow we will hook up the chlorinator and put the faucets back on the water stations located at the various campsite loops.

Most of the loops still have snow drifts over  the roads and there is timber blocking some loops and campsites.

Here is a look at our picnic table.


Here is a look at Pete and Oscar’s campsite while they were here last year.



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Happy Trails said...

glad to know you made it up that hill, now I feel confident that we will too!
Get rid of that white stuff first... ok ???