Friday, June 4, 2010


Those cute, tiny little shells, that Betty picked up Down on Padre Island last Winter, look a bit strange here, up high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. But they draw comments from nearly everyone that stops by our campsite. The shells are tiny enough that most folks peer closely at them and ask “what’s in those lights”, then, the most repeated one that we hear is, “what a clever souvenir !”


We have a habit of putting out several rugs to assist in keeping the dogs from tracking in so much dirt. The wind can be strong at times so we put the citronella candle buckets and the solar lights on the corners to keep the rugs in place.

Here in Aspen Glade this is a more common sight and gives us a place to visit with our neighbors.


A live trout stream, a campfire, a stack of firewood, a barbeque grill, and a lawn chair. All that is missing is a steaming cup of coffee on a cool morning ! Oh, wait, I had to set that coffee cup down when I picked up the camera !

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American Daze said...

Oh, the life of Riley!...Can't wait to hit the road are an encouragement!