Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It seems logical that since we have a Jeep as our daily driver, that some of our favorite roads aren't part of our Nations Interstate highway system. The interstate highway system serves the pourpouse wonderfully, if all your focus is on getting from point A to point B. But let's face it, they are just plain old boreing and lacking in character ! They contribute to drivers getting into a travel zone I call the doldrums, after a sailing vessel's becalmed situation. It's a situation where the driver becomes jaded to the high speeds, the inability to enjoy the scenery or to focus on any fleeting thing for more than a few brief seconds. Yep, interstate driver, your'e trapped in the doldrums !
Fedral standards give a substantial measure of safety to the motorist, simply because the drivers have a prety good idea of just what's coming up next. The interstates are pretty much the same nationwide.
However federal standards creeping into the state's highway programs are wiping away the character and flavor of even lesser highways at the state level.
Recently we found an old stretch of Kansas highway that had became grown up, somehow falling through the cracks of federal standards and hadn't been torn up as the new state highway that was built to federal standards replaced it. There is quite a difference between this and what we now a' days accept as normal. It recalls the days when a open ditch or construction zone would be marked only with a round coal oil filled open flame flare pot.

The wide smooth highway seen in the background, that replaced the old one that we are parked on, has a posted speed of 65 MPH.
On this overcast drizzly day of the photo, we were sightseeing along the wonderful old highway that somehow still remained, and saw many hawks perched at strategic locations, silently hunting for dinner along the old road. A major cold front was approaching and the birds of prey were foraging ahead of the coming Winter storm.
Hey, it's just good for your soul to take the road lesser traveled, from time to time.
He, he, you might find that you develop a habit of it and like most things where you have to give of yourself, the rewards will out weigh the small personal in convenience.
As this old highway entered Independence Kansas, we were able to see where the old route through the town had ran. Naturally, we followed it to sample the flavor of this historic old town. The new route was more expedient, alright, but, you didn't get a look at cool little things like this one of a kind hand built little fully operational truck. As you look at the photo, remember that Betty is five foot tall. Compare to the Jeep's size.

Betty is working in the "picking" department at Amazon, for the CHRISTmas rush season, and is walking up to fifteen miles a day. My sweetie is melting away right before my eyes ! Just look at how her clothes hang loosely on her ! A couple of more weeks and we will up anchor and head South to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

What a neat road you found! Enjoyed your posting. Bobbie