Sunday, July 5, 2009


At 0130 hours, I wasn't thinking about souvineers. As I stood there in my Hanes and hiking boots, outside the Oliver with a flashlight in my hand. The racket had told me that the bear that we had seen earlier that evening had returned. Because it was late and dark, and because I wanted to get outside as soon as possible to minimize the damage that the bear could cause, I slipped out of bed and put only my boots on. He, he, now don't ya' be a dwellin' on that thought for very long. Brain damage could occour.
The bear had torn a hole in the screen house over the picnic table and was leaning halfway through it when the million candle power light hit him as I came around the corner.
I am sure that the super bright light was quite a shock to him at such a close range. We were both shocked, for he was much bigger than I expected. He had both front paws on the picnic table, shopping for something to eat. When the light hit him he wheeled around nearly taking the screen house down.
Here is what he looked like just before dark that evening as he prowled a neighbors campsite.

Betty viewed the damage to her screen house and said, " it has been such a good one, what will we do now ?"
My response was, who else at Lake greeson can say that they have a Rocky Mountain Black Bear's autograph on their screen house ?" We will simply patch it because the Summer ain't over yet and that bear is still out there.
Here is a look at the screen house:

We may have a souvineer of this Summers workcamper job, if, that is, the bear doesn't finish off the screen house !

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