Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As it nears departure time, we have plotted out a tenative route on Microsoft Streets and Trips. It is stored in memory in our laptop and will run all of the time we are traveling. The laptop is carried on a ramline mount that can swivel back and forth between the driver and the navigator. A GPS antenna shows our position on the map, and a internet connection is always there via Alltel's wireless connection card. This means that which ever one of us is navigating has a lot of information resources at hand constantly.The streets & trips is usually set on turn by turn directions, so that if the navigator is away on the internet, looking for the nearest walmart gas station, the driver can still hear the turn by turn directions.
Here is a look at out tenative route: ( remember, he, he, we no longer have a job so time frame means little now. Should we want to detour to visit some cool thing the navigator has located on the internet, we can )Click the map for a larger view.

Our travel plan is to take three or four days to go from Arkansas to Cumbres Pass, stopping at the least excuse along the way. Our software has had a KML patch applied to it so that it will also display nearby geocaches and oftentimes that is the excuse that we need to get out and stretch our legs.
Fellow Bloggers Chuck & Gehri, , traveled some of this route after leaving us at Lake Greeson. We will refer to their blog as we proceed down the route, so we can enjoy some of the things they have pointed out. One thing in particular comes to mind,is a free campsite with water and electricity in Flordada Texas. I'll bet more and more small towns do this to increase the dollars spent locally by passing RV'ers.
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Serolynne said...

When you expect to leave on your journey? We'll be leaving early next week from Austin and heading up to St. Louis and will have to pass out of NE Texas somewhere, possibly through Arkansas. It would be awesome to cross paths with you guys along the way.

Also, another fabulous free campground is north of Amarillo at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. The campsites near Fritch, TX sit right along the reservoir and are simply stunning. It's free camping, but no hook-ups provided (there are flush toilets and sinks however). That is.. if you wanted to divert a bit more to the north on your route. We went that way out of TX once heading into CO via Raton, NM.

Happy travels ahead.. and we'll be keeping an eye on you :)

- Cherie /