Sunday, April 5, 2009


During my last few remaining days of being on the job, Betty was packing. The more she packed and the closer she got to being ready to go to the lake, the more excited and ready to go to the lake she was !
We were scheduled to be at Lake Greeson on April 8th. Somehow, it just wasn't going to be soon enough to suit us ! Telling ourselves that we needed to get there a bit early to "check things out", was all of the excuse that we needed. So, here we are, four days early to the lake. Hey, what can I say ? When ya' ain't got no job to be at on a Monday morning, the sky is the limit !
We pulled in to Kirby Landing about ten thirty this morning and the very first thing,we run into our old friend, USCOE Ranger Sorrels. He knew about our retirement already. Friends had told him we were going to be at Kirby Landing with friends and he was expecting us anyhow because it's April and the dogwoods are blooming.
He told us that the lake had risen two tenths of an inch overnight and that the fishing was slow. We both agreed that it was still a little early yet.
We are at campsite 32, the third one on the left as you go towards the boat ramp and swim beach areas. Campsites 31, 32, 33 & 34 are all open and are all right on the water.
Here is a look:

Butcherknife, Poco & Dillon Inspecting campsite 32
As usual, after leveling up our Ollie, we started our "whut' we done fergot to bring" list.
The sights numbered 31 thru 34 are all pull through sites.

The wind has blown all day and a front is coming quickly through with a temperature drop in the forcast for tonight. Man, I sure wish we had some jugs ready to cast tonight, ahead of this front ! The jugs would likely be scattered from the front passing through, but I'll bet the catch would be better than it has been being for those that have been here for awhile.

Here is a look from 33 towards 32 & 31.
We are kind of encroaching over on to 31 with our freezer trailer.

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