Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seven Days

In the olden days, you know, before there were automatic pin setting machines in bowling alleys, pins were set by hand. Usualy this was done by teenage boys. At twelve years old I started my life in America's work force. Many years have passed and I am now seven work days away from being unimployed. At sixty six years and a few months, I am going to be semi retired. Betty and I will be hosting a campground this Summer. So, I guess that makes us semi retired.
For a few months now our activities have been focused towards getting ready to go to the campground in Colorado.
Travel Trailer and Jeep projects are mostly completed. Animal care arranged. Bills set up to pay online, ect..
The end of a almost thirty five year Law enforcement career is drawing to a close.


OEnavigators said...

Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your many years of service to your community.
Enjoy your trip. It sounds like you guys will have a wonderful time and are at the beginning of a wonderful new chapter of adventures.

The Akins Family

Fryar Family said...

Yea!!! Yea, for you guys and getting to retire. Hope you see all the places that you want to see and enjoy each and every day..
Jim, Sandy, and Tanner
likestocanoe gang