Sunday, March 1, 2009

Official !

Well, finaly, it's official. I will be retiring the last day of March 2009. After thirty plus years of being on someone else's agenda and solving other peoples problems, I will have no one except Betty, telling me what to do.
I expect that a few of those late at night emergency calls will still come in, but, they will taper off and eventually stop.
After thirty plus years of adrenalyn hits while waving a gun and hearing sirenes wail, I wonder if I will miss it.
I know I won't miss the petty politics.
I also know that I will miss being to be able to help people.
The remedy for that, we think, is that we will be hosting a campground in Colorado for the Summer.
We will be at the Trujillo Meadows campground located at the South side of the South San Juan wilderness Area.
Highway 17 runs from Chama new Mexico to Antonito Colorado. About half way it goes through Cumbres Pass, elevation 10,022 feet above Sea Level. At the pass, take the US Forest Service road North for about four miles to the campground.
At ten thousand feet, this fat old hillbilly will be sucking for air at every step he takes !

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