Sunday, August 16, 2015

BOONDOCKING PART SIX OF A SIX PART SERIES By Larry Harmon fresh water / black water handling techniques Use of gravity to transfer fluids under boondocking conditions is not practical in many campsites. A couple of transfer pumps can make moving fresh water and black water simple. However those pumps need power and we solve that issue by using a battery jump start power pack on our twelve volt pumps. We clip the color coded power cables to the pump’s negative and positive wires and turn the pump on and off with the power pack’s front panel switch. Our FRESH WATER PUMP is a salvaged pump that had started leaking in the pressure cut off switch’s diaphragm. Instead of throwing it away we converted it into our transfer pump using twelve dollars of hardware store brass fittings, a bit of Teflon tape and our fresh water pump is ready for action. Using water hose fittings we connect our transfer pump and white hose to our trailer mounted tank to put water into our camping trailer. Our transport barrel, complete with brass hose bib to hook up to, cost $40, At a local farm and supply, making it the least expensive of the two pumps. Our BLACK WATER pump is a MACERATOR that we bought new off of EbAY. It and a “roll up flat” 5/8” hose designated for black water only, cost in the neighborhood of $200. Using the macerator pump we can pump black water up hill for short distances. Once again using the power pack and it’s switch for a power source. We chose a macerator that came in a plastic hard case for weight and storage considerations and the reel up, lay flat hose for the same reasons. Our BATTERY JUMPSTART PACK was purchased at a discount tool supply for about $60. We have hauled it many thousands of miles while constantly charging and discharging it under rigorous conditions. A quick word of advice about the power pack. It can have a small inverter and an air compressor built into it as well as a work/safety light and a 12 volt power outlet. This is a place where we felt it well advised to spend a little extra to get one with all of the features that we thought we might need. We even use this battery pack to power up our twelve volt impact wrench that we use during a flat tire change.

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byGeorge said...

Mountainborn, I can't reach you by mail. a 404 failure message. I read about your trying to worm your bull, back in a December post and got all excited; I have the perfect solution! I use it for many things (including myself). Humans are full of parasites ALSO. Went to my local feed and seed store, bought 50# Food Grade DE. Non food grade is for other applications; remember. Diatomaceous Earth is wonderful for your animals. Sprinkle it on. My dogs loved it; would lick iup when I spilled it. If you will do a search, I believe you will be convinced and pleased with results when used. It can be bought online also - I bought big since it was much cheaper that way...and will last forever, kept dry of course. Fleas were a terrible problem for awhile, outside and in the house. DE did the trick. Good luck. Been a long time since I put your blog in my favorites but I'm back. This so long; just delete it, please

Sissy of East Tennessee (right in the farthest corner upper corner.