Saturday, February 25, 2012



RV and Boat Shows catch our eye !  We have an interest in keeping up with current trends in functionality and design.


This show was within 50 miles of our docking port. Of course we we went !

The Hot Springs Convention center Arena had plenty of parking and we walked and looked until we were wore out, looking at everything that struck our fancy.

After a lunch break at a Chinese Restaurant that we won’t write home about, we took in a movie. ACT of VALOR.


The Senior admission fee was $7. We were there a bit early and got our pick of the seats. If I had to pick a one word description for the Act of Valor, it would be Intense. The audience was mostly totally and quietly engrossed,  except for a few moments of levity in some of the scenes.

There was a lot of older veterans there, that, like myself, were totally absorbed by the movie. I expect that we were comparing the older technology that we knew, with what we were seeing up on the large screen. The surround sound in the theater made a firefight truly rage all around the us. Special effects were dead on solid.

For example when a Dillon mini gun was firing during a hot extract, the sounds and visuals were so dead on in the surround sound filled theatre, that I almost thought that I could smell the dragon’s breath of the mill spec ss109 powder that was burning outside of the barrels and making the bright fire blossom .

Like most veterans, I caught myself looking for someone that I might know. Then I realized that a character that looked like a guy I knew named Knudsen, would have to be his great grandson, should he be related to him ! Yeah, the years are a’ rollin’ by.

Here is a photo of one of the displays in the theater lobby. Click on any of the photos for a larger view.


As the movie ended and the crowd came out into the lobby, they were somber and contemplative.

On the lobby wall was a place where you could list the name of a military loved one that you had lost and wanted to honor.

I hope I havn’t made the movie sound sad, it was a great movie that honors the service of our military to America.

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the_Wanderer said...

Don't know how you do it (watch that kind of movie) but I'm workin' my way towards that mindset! I like your philosophy and way of life...