Friday, August 7, 2009


Our cook shack has been reconfigured several times as our extended stay at Trujillo Meadows has progressed through the season. Early on, we needed a wind break, now we need a rain fly for the infrequent afternoon showers.
Who knows, since we have about a month to go, we may have another reconfigure in our future !

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DocColorado said...

Hi, I was going to post a comment about your 'grounding' of the Oliver Camper, but I'm not an Oliver owner (yet) a lurker ! (Also I live in Colorado, so I follow your blogs/Forum quite a bit)

ANY grounding is better than no grounding, however, I would move those ground stakes (yes you should use more than 1); to directly under where the cable ties up. 2 or 3 would be appropriate, and I think I would tie them to the frame, not the generator.

Now an RV creates quite a challenge, as I suspect you don't have a "Neutral" ground on 110AC like you do in your home. + 12v systems, converters etc all most likely have their own.

I would be interested in what the lightning is going to hit first, (on top); and then direct it as fast,, and direct as possible to the ground.

I've seen lightning strikes where it traveled down the curves of cables and wires, and Ive seen it jump out of the wires/cables at the curves/twist and turns.

(Watering the grounds too is a good idea, especially here in dry Colorado, and they are easier to put in & take out)

(Learned most of this via Ham Radio)

Danny Smith
Near Boulder, CO