Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Just another day's commute to the office ?( EDIT: In the video, I must have been more excited about the road conditions than I thought, I quoted the date as 10 April 09, when it should have been 10 June 09 )
We heard the sleet start to hit our Oliver this morning about 0500 hours. Then it got quiet. We thought it had stopped falling, but, it had turned to snow. We awoke to about a half inch of snow. It has been snowing all morning and at the time of this writing we have almost an inch of accumilation. The Cajun Bird Man, Aubrey Landry, arrived in his Oliver yesterday afternoon and parked next to us. After supper, around the camp fire, he commented that the only thing this alpine setting needs, is a light dusting of snow to be complete ! Geeze ! Thanks Aubrey ! I walked out to the sattellite dish and cleared the snow so we could watch the weather channel. It's gona' be up near a hundred degrees at Vandervoort today.
The forecast for here tomorrow is a high up around 65*, so we better enjoy this light fluffy snow while we can !
Oh, yeh, there is a thing that I have noticed. The weather men avoid giving forcasts for elevations above 10,000 feet of elevation. I think it is because it is so hard to get right.

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